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| 3ds Max | Maya | ZBrush | Substance Painter | Unreal Engine 4 | World Machine | Marmoset Toolbag |



| Bachelor of Fine Arts | Evergreen State College | Olympia, WA | 2011 |
| Software Certification | Future Poly | Bellevue, WA | 2011 - 2012 |




3d Artist (Contract)

December 2020 – Current

  • Create and retouch 3D assets and materials for use in web-based, real-time applications, and photo realistic renderings

  • Maintain quality bar for accuracy, aesthetics, and productivity

  • Continuously improve workflows and processes

Valkyrie Entertainment -

3d Environment Artist (Contract)

September 2019 – February 2020

  • Worked alongside team to develop and create environments that ranged in size and scope for use in a Virtual Reality space

  • Collaborated with client and internal team to adjust workflow and epand on different techniques in order to advance each project to final production

  • Constructed and iterated upon block outs to establish composition and mood for both interior and exterior elements

  • Modeled and sculpted assets to seamlessly fit the style and atmosphere of each environment

  • Focused on player interactivity to elevate the sense of immersion

Lowe's Innovation Labs -

Art Manager

January 2019 – August 2019

  • Managed outsource art team to ensure deadlines were maintained

  • Verified the quality of incoming assets from art team, and make improvements where necessary to fit technical constraints and art direction

  • Prototyped pipeline workflows and optimization to implement into real-time engines

  • Organized asset database through Jira, Perforce, and in-house tools

  • Collaborated with team to set strategic vision for content tools, and planning of milestone delivery for all assets

  • Identified solutions to evolve and enhance the content creation process

  • Constructed tutorials for outsource partners to establish consistent workflow


3d Artist (Contract)

April 2018 – December 2018

  • 3d asset creation derived from scanned data through photogrammetry pipeline 

  • Assisted in testing assets through mobile AR experiences

  • Worked with Art Manager to support incoming assets from outsource studio

Exis Interactive -

3D Vehicle Artist (Contract)
March 2016 - December 2017

  • Tasked with producing game ready vehicles from provided base meshes for unannounced project

  • Modeled and textured vehicle based on assigned concept art under the allotted time and budget requirements

  • Fully modeled and textured the exterior and interior of a sports car that was showcased alongside SprintR VR technology at GDC

  • Incorporated multiple references to obtain the level of detail knowing the player would be sitting behind the steering wheel and able to look around the entirety of the interior

ArenaNet -

3D Weapons Artist (Contract)
September 2016 - September 2017

  • Conceptualized original designs through proportion and color theory into fully realized textured models for proprietary project

  • Translated provided concepts by collaborating with Art Lead, Concept artists, FX artists, Animators, and Programmers to achieve the desired quality

  • Ensured each model and texture meet to engine performance and memory requirements, including triangle count and texture maps; add animation and visual effects when desired

  • Tasked with crafting LOD models for props with various levels of difficulty (whether they are static or have animations and effects)

  • High to low poly pipeline following the established art direction and style

  • Adapted to new responsibilities

PolyPixel 3D -

3D Prop Artist (Contract)
2015 - 2016

  • Successfully modeled and textured next-gen asset based on the provided concept art and budget constraints

  • Textures were created using Substance Painter and PBR guidelines

  • Maintained excellent communication and delivered finished product in a timely fashion

Above & Beyond Technologies -

3D Weapons Artist (Contract)
2013 - 2015

  • Conceptualized weapon designs into full 3D models using both high poly and low poly techniques

  • Textured diffuse, specular, and gloss map, as well as producing ambient occlusion and normal map

  • Sculpted in ZBrush using organic modeling practices

  • Constructed shader materials in conjunction with UDK's Cascade (Unreal's particle creation system)



  • Author realistic textures (Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Metal maps) based on high to low poly pipeline derived from concepts and real world references

  • Texturing using Physically Based Rendering techniques and principles to create game ready AAA environments, weapons, vehicles, and props

  • Efficient UV mapping for baking out maps and texturing

  • Maintaining the targeted budgetary constraints, deadlines and open communication to ensure consistent art direction

  • Verify art performance, scale and appearance inside game engine

  • Digital sculpting of organic and hard surface objects

  • Background in basic animation theory

  • Producing quality renders

  • Attention to design theory pertaining to silhouette, color, and proportion

| Ambitious | Open-minded | Avid gamer | Persistent | Communicative | Prioritize effectively | Reliable | Energetic | Meticulous | Self-motivated | Time management | Self-directed | Team player | Proactive |

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